The Order of Elks is a national fraternal organization with headquarters in Chicago and 2,224 subordinate Lodges in every State, the District of Columbia, Guam, the Philippines, the Canal Zone and Puerto Rico. Membership is limited to citizens of the United States, over twenty-one years of age who believe in God. Currently there are over 1,280,000 members of the Elks.
The Elks is essentially a charitable organization. In 1994-95, the Elks nationally spent $4,700,000 for college scholarships for high school seniors. The organization also spent over $6,000,000 for other youth programs, including the Elks Hoop Shoot Free Throw competition involving more than three million youngsters. Total contributions in all Elk charities exceeded $134,000,000.
Our lodge has over 400 members and has been in operation for over 60 years! We have strong committees and are very active in the local communities, district, and state. Besides our members, we have a Ladies Auxiliary and an Antlers Lodge. Both are active and frequently help our lodge. Our Special Needs Children committee, Youth Activities committee and Motorcycle committee are especially known for their help with the local communities.